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We're a group of individuals and families just like you who care for and help each other become better followers of Jesus.  Some of us have formal leadership positions in the church and others are members who participate in worship services, fellowship opportunities, and other ministry activities 

Families working together
Our kids
A church elder
Preparing care packages
Pastor Ken

Pastor Ken Slenkovich began serving as our pastor January 2019.  His passion is presenting biblical truths in practical ways to help people draw closer to Christ.  He is married to Natalie, and they have a grown daughter, Viktoriya.  She and her husband Donald have a beautiful baby boy, Alexander.

Music Director

Sonny Whitehead is our Worship Leader and Choir Director.  He has a passion for teaching kids the Bible and co-leads our children's church ministry - "One Way Street." Sonny has served as an Elder, Board Chair, and also helps care for the church's' landscaping. 

Organist / pianist

Michael Hatcher is our pianist and organist.  He is also an accomplished soloist and blesses us with special music.  Michael has served as an Elder and Youth Leader.

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